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CyberNinjas: Empowering our Children to be Cyber Smart in the Metaverse

CyberNinjas: Empowering our Children to be Cyber Smart in the Metaverse

A first-of-its-kind project delivering eSafety education to protect young users in the metaverse.

This project co-designs, develops and pilots an innovative online safety program aimed at increasing children’s awareness of, and preparedness for, the metaverse. The program will combine interactive storytelling, 3D immersive technologies, and artificial intelligence to deliver impactful online safety training for children and their communities, with the aim of developing safer online behaviours and habits in the metaverse.

‘We will use AI, interactive storytelling and immersive technologies to help empower children in the digital world.’ Professor Robin Doss

Deakin University will be visiting schools, and After School Care programs, to run a CyberNinjas’ Virtual Reality (VR) experience with children aged 10-16 years old.

What does the experience include?
Our team delivers a brief educational session about safety in the metaverse. This is followed by VR tutorials to ensure that students are comfortable with the technology and immersive experience. After the tutorial, students will engage in a VR game to investigate a scenario set within a futuristic library.

If you are a teacher, OSHC provider, or similar, and would like to know more about participating, please contact us via email or our online form.

CyberNinjas: Resource Kit for Teachers

Design Summit - Digital Responsibility and Safety in the Metaverse

We brought together people from education, industry and government for a collaborative design sprint exploring digital responsibility in the metaverse. During the event, participants discussed questions like “‘What are the most significant challenges in making the metaverse safe?” and “What concerns you the most when thinking of young people using the metaverse?”. To delve into these conversations and insights, please download our Design Summit Report: Young People and the Metaverse.


Children aged 8 to 16 in metropolitan and regional Victoria and regional NSW.

Funding by the Australian Government’s eSafety Commissioner



  • Professor Robin Doss
  • A/Prof William Yeoh
  • A/Prof Radhika Gorur
  • Dr Graeme Pye
  • Dr Sophie Mckenzie
  • Dr Jeb Webb

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Find out more about CyberNinjas: Empowering our children to be cyber smart in the metaverse.

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