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Disrupting cyber harms 

Disrupting cyber harms 

This research focuses specifically on identifying and disrupting the diverse range of threat actors involved in diverse cyber harms – including individual criminals, groups, and states – and their activities, as well as facilitating cooperation amongst those responsible for preventing and responding to such harms.

Our goal is to analyse and understand various cyber harms, the structure and dynamics of cyber-criminal networks involved in cybercrimes as well as providing ‘crime-as-a-service’. These harms range from malware and ransomware, illicit dark web markets, and politically motivated activities from a range of state and non-state actors. The theme also focuses on law enforcement and cyber intelligence activities related to anticipating and intervening against these cyber harms, including offensive initiatives. Our focus extends to the institutional settings best suited to facilitating governmental responses to cyber harms across organisational boundaries and professional disciplines.

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