Research Areas

Data is being produced at an exponential rate and has become so complex that is beyond the capacity of existing database management/processing tools. Machine Learning and predictive behaviour will be key to solving these complex data problems.
For many organisations, the complexity of critical infrastructure systems posts challenges for mitigating security risks. We examine both the technological and human elements of organisation security to give decision makers the necessary tools to protect security in an ever-changing security environment.
Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are emerging as promising service platforms for a next-generation Internet. Research on the protocols for communication, threat analysis and modelling and simulation of security systems will help critical infrastructure providers protect themselves from cyber attacks
Threat actors increasingly operate in the ‘grey zone’ between peace and war and potential targets encompass Government, business, academia and citizens. This research area bridges expertise in working with the military and national security agencies with expertise in working with critical infrastructure organisations.
Organizations need to devise effective cyber security incident management plans and adopt proactive preventive practices. We devise pre-incident digital forensics readiness frameworks, which allow organisations to be properly prepared for handling incidents and to develop post-incident forensic investigation technologies.
People rely on the effective operations of cyber systems such as cloud systems and data centres. Current cyber infrastructures are often unsuitable for storing and processing sensitive information such as medical and financial records. We need cutting-edge technologies to provide the level of protection our society requires.
The rapid rate of technological development has posed serious challenges for society in terms of responding to and safeguarding against cyber security threats. There is now an increased need to focus on national and international legal frameworks, policies and guidelines for cyber security.