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News from CSRI

News from CSRI

CSRI is adopting a unique multidisciplinary approach to address emerging cyber security challenges through its research and innovation.

Welcoming a new Director

Earlier this year, CSRI welcomed Professor Robin Doss as Director of the Centre. Professor Doss has extensive experience in academic and research leadership, including as the Centre’s most recent Research Director. In 2019, he was awarded the Cyber Security Researcher of the Year Award from the Australian Information Security Association (AISA).

Professor Doss is committed to strategically bringing together Deakin’s unique multidisciplinary expertise to deliver high impact research outcomes to protect the security, safety and privacy of individuals, communities and society.

Securing the future of autonomous driving

Cars of the future will talk to each other. They will be wirelessly connected to vehicles around them, and we’ll likely not be driving them. CSRI researchers are working with Bosch Australia to help ensure that next-generation vehicles are cyber-safe. We’re developing new technologies, platforms and software to support self-driving technologies in vehicles of the future.

Protecting critical infrastructure

In collaboration with Tata Consulting Services (TCS)CSIRO/Data 61 and the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC), CSRI researchers are developing next generation authentication technologies to protect assets within critical infrastructures such as energy, defence, transport, and space from sophisticated adversaries (including state-based actors). Cutting-edge ‘zero trust’ authentication technologies leveraging ambient intelligence are being developed to increase the cyber resilience of critical infrastructures and to improve protective cyber deception capabilities.

Disrupting cyber harm

The elevated risk of cyber threats has made it increasingly difficult for organisations to both secure and afford cyber insurance in a globally distressed insurance market. In partnership with the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA), CSRI is undertaking research into assessing the utility of cyber harm prevention programs from a cyber insurance perspective. The research outcomes will inform the development of a roadmap for the implementation of an evidence-based proactive interventions program across the Victorian public sector, positioning Victoria as a national leader in this space.

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